Is the key to understanding and forgiveness - understanding and forgiving yourself??

It’s interesting when you talk with people about being compassionate and having forgiveness. In my day-to-day practice, I see many clients that have endured an injustice or a misfortune of circumstance.

In life, we often hear sayings like “forgive and forget”, “let go of the small things” or “karma will be served”, but what I see in clinic is the emotional pain that is left behind following someone’s actions and a client’s reactions that follow and/or vice versa.

Hurt, Anger, Fear, Sadness and Guilt often remain in a person’s cellular memory long after the event that caused that feeling. In many cases that emotional pain causes dis-ease and that dis-ease can manifest in many different forms, from physical conditions, mental/emotional health concerns, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs and unconscious self-sabotage programs. All of which prevent a person from living life in their full potential.

Some of these conditions can be debilitating, but what’s most interesting, is to consider that your own interpretation and response to someone else’s actions and your own reactions to that situation may very well have caused them in the first place.

It’s hard to imagine, but could Life be about ships? Ships??? Yes, ships!!

I mean we don’t do life on our own do we? No, we do life with others, we have friendships, relationships, partnerships, internships, traineeships, memberships, citizenships, courtships, fellowships, and the list can go on & on ….

So seeing as though we do life with others, is it possible that you attracted that person or that situation into your life to provide an opportunity for growth, a catalyst for change or to help you reflect a life lesson that you wanted to address? Remembering that at some level, we’re all made of the same base energy, that we all have the amazing creative ability to make life how we want it to be, no matter our race, religion or up-bringing!

Is it possible that at different times in our lives, we’ve experienced different levels of awareness and vibrated at different frequencies and part of that process is learning to know and understand our-selves – how you react and respond to life!

We know, it’s human nature to make mistakes and to be on the receiving end of them as well. Forgiving someone for any wrong doings is very therapeutic!! Research has proved that forgiveness is a highly positive vibration and if you can maintain that vibration then it’s likely you’ll experience life completely differently to someone that’s unforgiving.

But does it fully take away the pain? Does being compassionate to others mean that you accept and love others for all their imperfections? Does forgiving someone mean that the original situation is gone for good?

In most cases I’ve found that being compassionate to others and forgiving others is only part of the solution. Often, the memory remains and can simply be re-triggered if a similar situation occurs. This can cause a spiral effect, where the mind, body and heart recalls the very cause of that pain and reacts accordingly.

However, having the smallest awareness that you’re also involved and may well have attracted the situation in the first place, takes forgiveness and understanding to a whole new level!

  • What would it mean if you could clear the root cause of anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt?

  • What would happen if you could accept your role in the situation?

  • How would you feel, if you forgave yourself for reacting as you did?

I wonder if not only would you forgive the other person completely but interestingly, you might even be grateful to them for presenting that opportunity to know yourself!

Imagine how different that would be!

Forgiveness is not always easy, in fact, it’s often easier said than done!! But the benefits of forgiveness are immeasurable, not only to others but most importantly to yourself, your health, your family and your life!!