Marisa is an Inspirational Mentor, Professional Kinesiologist, Empowerment Coach and Certified Touch For Health, Kinesiology, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer.  She loves what she does and has a natural flair for encouraging you to see your own innate potential and life's infinite possibilities.


For more than 20 years she's been helping & encouraging people to fulfil their dreams. From an early age, she discovered life's challenges, including personal trauma, financial hardship & ill health but her personal experience in navigating through those challenges means she understands and puts her in a great position to help many others.


Her professional career in Retail Management, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Graphic Design and Advertising Business Management gave her excellent corporate experience plus the opportunity to observe people in their day to day lives.


As a mother, manager and team leader, she was able to identify what motivates human behaviour and she realised that success and happiness is a very personal experience. 

Marisa believes “Success is making a difference in someone’s life” and her passion is driven by her family and by guiding clients “to evolve & discover just how amazing you are! She says"You've always had unlimited potential, it's only your self belief, self worth and undefined purpose that blocks your happiness and success."


"Once you re-connect with yourself, define the obstacles and change the unconscious program, you'll see the results you want to achieve."

As a Professional Kinesiologist and Empowerment Coach, she specialises in supporting clients to breakthrough their boundaries, overcome their fears and evolve into who they really are and want to be. Over the years she's integrated many modalities and techniques and now facilitates change with her clients in a very wholistic way that utilises both their heads and their hearts. She also believes knowledge is fundamental, so as a Certified Trainer, she thoroughly enjoys sharing that knowledge and witnessing the profound changes that her clients are making in their everyday lives.

Whether you need support on your personal journey or business & professional coaching, the programs Marisa offers will help elevate your life to a whole new level where you'll experience clarity, understanding, balance and fantastic results.