Change Now & Breakthrough to Success

How would you like to make instant change? 

Breakthrough your boundaries and achieve Success, Love and Happiness in all areas of your life!!

Well you can and it’s easier than you think. When you know how to change your outlook, you can change your outcomes. All that’s needed is some guidance to show you how to feel empowered, make rapid change and unleash your infinite potential and then you’ll see results, you’ve never seen before – and it can happen instantly!!

Marisa is an Inspirational Mentor, Professional Kinesiologist, Empowerment Coach and Human Change Facilitator.  She loves what she does and has a natural flair for encouraging you to see your in-built potential and the infinite possibilities that are available in your lives today.  She believes “Success is making a difference in someone’s life” and her passion is driven by her family and by watching you “evolve and discover just how amazing you are!”

The “Change Now” workshop focuses on “making the change that makes the difference”. You’ll discover MindBody Change Techniques that will give you the tools to live a prosperous, pain-free and exciting life right now!

So register now and reserve your seat today!

Pure Essential Oils - Your Family First Aid Kit.

We'll dedicate 2 hours to play, experience and understand all the healing properties of DoTerra's Family Physician / Essential Collection consisting of 10 of the most popular and commonly used essential oils. If you haven't heard of DoTerra Essential Oils, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and benefits of these therapeutic grade and certified essential oils. You'll immediately be able to use the information gained to help support your friends and family. 

Finding Happiness Within

No matter your job, your family, your lifestyle or status, unless you know who you are, what it is that makes you tick, you like yourself and are really happy within, everything else in your life will be seen through a filter. It may be fine for a while, but deep down you will have an inkling that something isn't quite right. This workshop is all about getting to know who you are, how you sabotage your happiness and how to connect with yourself, let go of the fear and really live your life how it was intended.


Cool, Calm and Connected Kids

This Program has been specifically designed to combat the issues surrounding the disconnection between kids and their family, friends and their world around them.


In today's society, although we have more access to information and are able to connect with people easier, there is a profound issue with kids feeling less connected, having identity concerns and suffering from social anxiety when removed from the virtual connection that social media and online gaming has provided them. In this practical work shop, we'll discuss several techniques to demonstrate how to help children navigate the changing world we live in , how to keep them reconnect with themselves and natural environment, remove them from stressful situations and encourage balance so they can be happy healthy kids. 

Work to Live or Live to work?!

Are you doing the right job for you? Does it satisfy all your desires? Do you feel valued and appreciated? What is your dream job? Our Career is a huge part of our lives, we spend at least 40 hours a week in that role, so it's vitally important to our health and wellness that it's a positive environment that supports our needs. 


This program has been specifically designed for those that don't quite feel satisfied in their current workplace role. Often we fall into jobs that aren't what we're best at. This program will help identify your strengths and empower you to make strategic choices that will either improve the role you're currently in or help you discover your dream job and what actions need to occur to make it a reality. 

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